A4 on Mesh
A4 on Mesh

A4 on Mesh

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A 4   M E S H…C L A S S       16th  and 17th of March

Full price $300                                          Payment to Denise $250.00 on the day


At the studio

9.30am – 2.30pm

Materials, back up tesserae and some extras provided

Tesserae provided by Students –


What you have already learned:

  • Design and colour co-ordination, with pre-cut glass pieces and use of Leponitts
  • The basics of glass scoring with your pencil grip glass cutter
  • Breaking out glass aided by both your running and grozing pliers
  • Transferring these skills to breaking out “rips” using 3mm clear glass and art glass
  • Shaping and cutting the “rips” with your mosaic cutters
  • Direct adhesive method
  • Cohesive placement of glass pieces
  • Cleaning up and grouting technique

What you will learn (and more):

  • Recap on all of the above skills
  • More advanced design techniques
  • Use of light weight substrate (LWB), waterproofing
  • Positioning and attaching hanging hardware
  • Thinset adhesive and its application
  • Adhesive and grout products, finishing techniques
  • Discussion re everything learned so far and more

What you will make:

An A4 ‘painting’ ready to frame (or not) and hang on your wall

No refunds