Buttercream cupcakes

Buttercream cupcakes

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Beautiful Buttercream Cupcakes Workshop




You will learn the art of piping beautiful buttercream styles and flowers using the popular Russian piping tips from Loyal. Using a premium buttercream, you will be gaining a new piping technique skill set. 



What You Will Learn:

  • The different varieties of icings & food colourings required for different applications.
  • The importance of icing consistency, piping pressures and angles etc.
  • How to fill a piping bag.
  • How to create multiple colours to go into the piping bag.
  • How to pipe flowers using a Russian tip.
  • How to add filler leaves.
  • Add your creations onto 6 cupcakes.

4th of August at Demolay House 

10 am start 

1pm finish 

Cost $105

Limited spaces 


Please bring 


A SET OF 6 Russian piping nozzels (loyal)


 7 disposable icing bags 

 1 x leaf piping nozzel

Carry box to take them.home 

Spoons x 7




No refunds

100% transferable if you are unable to attend. 

Photos are examples only