Cake Decorating class with Mary 2 day course
Cake Decorating class with Mary 2 day course

Cake Decorating class with Mary 2 day course

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    Introduction to Traditional Cake Decorating – Workshop 5 Outline


Demolay House, 90 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.  21 & 22 /01/2021


9-3pm x 2 Days (12 hour class) $390  only 10.spaces


Merivale’s Introduction to Traditional Cake Decorating workshop is designed for all aspiring and/or ‘returning’ cake decorators that provide a range of techniques and prepare the student to venture into more advanced designs.  The class has been structured to utilise foundation skills and tools through the combination of hands-on activities for each skill set for both traditional and modern application.


The learning challenge for students will be to decorate a cake in the 12 hour/two day timeframe using the various techniques and tools provided and following the facilitators’ lead. At the end of this class students will have developed a set of skills and knowledge in the following areas.

  • Introduction to the course outline; the essential tools, their use and care; when to use what cake variety; preparing the cake for a two-step covering method; using alcohol sprays and other ‘coatings’; different covering methods for fruit vs mud cakes; covering boards; the use of dummy/fake cakes.
  • Introduction to royal icing: its use in this class; how to prepare and store; seal, apply, other decorative uses.
  • Introduction to sugar roses: the essential tools, their use, storage and care; how to use and store flower paste; making wired and unwired formal, rolled, 5-in-1 and moulded roses and leaves; colouring techniques.
  • Introduction to cutters, moulds, stencils, colours lustre, their use, storage and care; how and when to use what tools; applying satin ribbons; putting the cake together and the finishing touches.


List of personal materials to be supplied by the student: Apron, tissues, hand towel, mask, gloves, tea towel, hair bands/ties, notebook, biro/pencil, box for transporting decorated items.  No Black clothing, wear closed in shoes, hand sanitiser, mask, water bottle, tape measure, tea spoon, small scissors, pins, ruler, glue stick, large kitchen knife, bread board.


No refunds 

tickets are 100% transferable to someone else if you are not able to attend on the day.