Dark chocolate mud cake from scratch

Dark chocolate mud cake from scratch

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Merivale’s – Dark Chocolate Mud Cake – From Scratch - Workshop 7 Outline

Demolay House, 90 Margaret Street, Toowoomba

9-3pm (6hours) 30th of January , $200 with lunch), 10 Delegates


Delegates to this class will be engrossed by the aromas of Merivale’s most popular cake as chosen by their 1200 bridal couples – the Dark Chocolate Mud cake. Finish your day by taking home a wealth of new, practical knowledge, an extensive list of baking tips, and an autographed copy of Caution! Wedding Cake On Board.  Take home: your prepped tins and batter ready for baking. During this demonstration you will learn:


  1. The baking and preparation skills: for making up the Merivale Dark Chocolate Mud cake from scratch recipe;
  • Learn the simplified from-scratch method developed by Merivale and how to use this at home on other from-scratch recipes
  • How to line 2 x 6” cake tins with baking paper to get the perfect ‘squared edges’
  • How to read, interpret, substitute and prioritise your recipe
  • How/why/when to fix and use an alfoil top hat
  1. Knowledge base: learn how to cook, test, cool, store, freeze and expand a recipe
  • HOW TO adapt this award favourite into the Merivale Choc-Mint Mud cake recipe, plus several other varieties including Kahlua, Whiskey, marble-truffle, cherry-ripe and coffee-rum
  • How to use a portion guide for square & round tins
  • How to be a Covid-safe food handler, manage the purchasing & storing, and JIT of quality ingredients
  1. Half a century of baking tips: and storytelling about cakes shared throughout the workshop
  2. Q&A session: contact - the learning doesn’t finish when the class is over!


Personal Items for Student to provide: apron, hand towel, tea towel, mask, hand sanitiser, drinking water bottle, hair has to be off the face, notebook and pen, pencil, closed in shoes, see tools list over (see photo page 2)


Merivale Dark Chocolate Mud Cake – Workshop 7  

Merivale lesson plan: workshop 3

Tools the delegate needs to bring to class


8.45 Setup

9. Overview, handouts, kits, lesson plan

9.15 How to interpret the recipe book Pages 5,11,13,21,28

9.45 Line 2x tins** demo both rd & sq tins

10.00 Using alfoil hats, when/why to use a bowl of water in the oven, resting, cooling, freezing, clean &  & store tins; Safe food handling, purchasing JIT quality ingredients

10.30 Use portion guides for square & round tins, cutting and storing mud cake – splice, coat and cut

11.00 HOW to make/many baking tips

11.30-2.00 Lunch with Michelle Cullen

12.00 Visit Dark Chocolate Mud Cake recipe:





Choco-Mint, Kahlua, Whiskey, marble-truffle, cherry-ripe and coffee-rum

1.15 Prepping/weigh batter White Truffle

1.40 Make up Mary’s batter White Truffle:

2.00 Make up Mary’s batter Raspberry Swirl:

2.15 Review:

·        Cake tasting

·        Q&A

·        Party Hut products

·        Next classes, feedback


See photo on Welcome Letter page

Large & small Pyrex (or plastic) jugs

Kitchen scales mini

Egg whisk

2xtins** of choice – see below (min. 3” high)

Small & large timber spoons

Scissors (paper cutting)

Sealed 800ml container – store/transport liquid


Tablespoon and teaspoon measures sets


Large sealed mixing bowl/dish

2xCake scrapers

Set 3 – sm, med, lg jugs

Personal items:

Hand towel & tea towel, mask, gloves, apron, drinking water and bottle, pencil, biro, writing paper, hand sanitiser, tissues, long hair is to be off the face, closed in shoes.

**Tins/Size Options – student to choose. NOTE: Several students already have a mix of different size tins so they can use a combination of the following sizes for this class. It may not be necessary to purchase new tins.

·        2x6” round tins + 6-9 cupcakes (cupcake tray) Mary to demo cupcake without trays for students choosing 2x6” round tins**or

·        1x6” round tin + 1x6” square tin = perfect batter fit or

·        1x6” round tin + 1 x 7” round tin = perfect batter fit