Glass mosaic outdoor pot

Glass mosaic outdoor pot

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On the 14h of April at 9.30 am

We are running a glass mosaic terricotta pot class. 

You will be working on a curved edge. So you must have done mosaics with glass before. Preferably the stepping stone or mosaic outdoor dish. 

You will be using coloured glass that you need to cut into shape to mosaic the curved pot. 

There are only 10.spaces. 

No extra spaces will be created. 

No refunds

Grouting demonstration by Denise will be shown on the day. You will take home your mirror ready to grout the next day. All materials provided..


The venue is Demolay house 

90 margaret street 

Parking is out the back down Austral.lane. 

Total cost 


Deposit $50 

$100 payable on the day

Image is just an example 

We will be using coloured glass.