Mary's cake class 1 October
Mary's cake class 1 October

Mary's cake class 1 October

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 Note: Only viewing tickets are left to purchase.  You will taste the cakes, enjoy tea and coffee, take home recipe books and observe the whole class. These tickets are not for hands on or take home cake. Only 10 available .

Merivale’s Signature Christmas Cake - Workshop Outline
Demolay House, Margaret Street, Toowoomba, 9.30 -3pm Thursday 1 October 2020

Viewing ticket $75(includes recipe book to take home)
Verity Rose is excited to advise that Mary Reid, from Merivale Cakes and Crafts has come out of retirement to share
something ‘good’ during the Covid19 pandemic. Using Mary’s popular Signature Rich Fruit Cake recipe she has custom designed this workshop specifically for Verity Rose’s loyal customers. This recipe listed fourth on Merivale’s top 10 wedding
cake recipes as chosen by their 1200+ brides, first by their 430+ students and numerous corporate clients.
Delegates to this class will be provided with a remarkable Merivale learning experience. From the moment you enter the class room you will be enthralled and entertained by the aromas of fruit cake baking to the delightful afternoon tea with cake tasting! You will finish your day by taking home a wealth of new, practical knowledge, an extensive list of baking tips, two tins
of Christmas cake batter ready to bake immediately (or prepped ready to mix up the following day), plus, an autographed copy
of Mary’s book Caution! Wedding Cake On Board. During this six hour learning and sharing journey you will cover:
1. Hands-on the baking and preparation: skills to take home your batter mix; and dry & wet preparations to mix and
bake the next day
• How to line a 6” square and a 7” round cake tin with baking paper to get the perfect ‘squared edges’;
• How to read, interpret, substitute and prioritise your recipe
• How/why/when to fix and use an alfoil top hat
• How/why/when to use a bowl of water in the oven
2. Knowledge base: learn how to cook, test, cool, store, freeze and expand a recipe
• clean and store tins
• how to cut and store a fruit cake, use a portion guide (square & round tins)
• safe food handling, purchasing & storing, JIT quality ingredients
3. Half a century of baking tips - discussed throughout the workshop
4. Q&A session: contact - the learning doesn’t finish when the class is over!
Student to provide: apron, hand towel and tea towel, hand sanitiser, drinking water bottle, hair has to be off the face,
notebook and pen, pencil, closed in shoes, see full list (see photo page 2)
Merivale to provide: ingredients, books, handouts, samples display items courtesy Party Hut, see full list
Bowl for water
Cake scraper
Large & small Pyrex jugs
Kitchen scales
Egg whisk
6” square & 7” round cake tins (min. 3” high)
Small & large timber spoons
Scissors (paper cutting)

Sealed container – to store/mix fruit
Sealed bottle – store/transport liquid
Container – store/transport eggs
Tablespoon and teaspoon measures
1 measure cup
Large mixing bowl
Hand held mixer
PHOTO OF ITEMS to bring is below 

No refunds 

Tickets are 100% transferable to another participant