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 This is a full day of learning and talking cheese at a sheep farm Awassi. 

There are only 11 in Australia..and 2 in Qld, so its a bit of a treat. 

You will break for lunch  and throughout the day learn about  and taste  Awassi cheese. 

This is a beautiful atmosphere, in Helidon

Di is an experienced cheese maker and Sheep farmer.  

You won't believe how much you will learn! 

13th March -

8am start 

Cost $250

Only 4 tickets. 


Awassi will be doing  a soft cheese and a hard cheese. We will make a Camembert and pecorino. We will also be doing a yoghurt and making labneh. The full day course has a max of 4 people. These cheeses will not be able to be taken away - the camembert take 6 weeks to cure and the pecorino takes 6 months. We only make authentic cheeses that need time to cure before being transported and eaten. Unfortunately we are unable to speed up the process of any of the cheeses that we make - we make traditional and within the safe food guidelines.

No refunds.