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Thank you for your donation. 

For $10 you are helping someone that genuinely cannot afford to pay for a workshop. For years I have been teaching workshops and letting ladies(that couldn't afford it) attend that I know needed to be amongst other Women that could help them gain confidence in a safe relaxed atmosphere.

At the beginning of 2019 a few of the attendees suggested I create a Pay it forward.

Last year 2019,  over 40 women that couldn't afford to come, or were from traumatized situations including DV,  have benefited from pay it forwards

We would love to continue offering this .

Workshops can help those that suffer anxiety, depression and social insecurities.  We love how participants realize during workshops, that they have skills and experiences in life to offer as well. The participants learn knew skills,  meet knew people, engage in conversation in a relaxed safe atmosphere and have some fun!

Please feel free to message me if you know someone that will benefit from a class and cannot afford it.  All those that participate through a pay it forward stay anonymous. Not even the instructors know who that person is.

Thank you