Sour dough bread workshop 29th of August
Sour dough bread workshop 29th of August
Sour dough bread workshop 29th of August

Sour dough bread workshop 29th of August

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The last class was a hit and we are running it again. 

This is the last time we can get Andrew back this year as he is on call for fire season starting September .

On the 29th of August at Demolay house 90 Margaret street, Andrew our sour dough expert will be showing us how to make the perfect sour dough bread. 

This will be running from 8am - 12pm

The program will be 

• Introductions and Background
• Sourdough history and jargon
• The starter or culture – what is it, how to make it, keeping it alive and troubleshooting
Making the Bread
• Starter refresh
• Making the dough including kneading and the windowpane test
• Proofing and resting the dough, timelines and flavour
• Stretching
• Shaping
• Use of bannetons and bowls
• Slashing
• Final proof and the finger test
• Baking
• And the best part tasting
• Uses for sourdough – pancakes, muffins, pizza bases, heritage grains, etc
A range of different sourdough products will be provided for morning or afternoon tea to wet the
appetite for more
Participants will be emailed the instructions to make their own starter (a five day process) to bring to
the workshop to be checked out.
Each participant will leave with a cup of my starter now coming to its 7th birthday.

By the end of the workshop they have a loaf to take home to proof before baking later that day.

No refunds 

If you cannot make this class. Please understand there are no refunds . Ticket is not transferable to Andrews class next year. 

Tickets are however 100 %  transferable if you cannot make it on the day 

This class needs at least 10 participants to be able to run.  

Andrew is travelling from the Sunshine Coast Coast and we will need at least 10.bookings for this to go ahead.